Dcalc 1.6

Dcalc 1.6

It was designed for structural engineer to automate tedious calculations
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DCALC was written to provide structural engineers with derivable results, allowing engineers the means to check, modify and understand automated calculations.
There is an emerging need for engineers to automate their calculations in a systematic way, providing output that is accessible for good comprehension.

Main Features :

- DCALC software produces calculations which you can check. You can read the calculations complete with sketches and understand where the numbers come from, with fully documented code reference.
- DCALC uses an integrated design approach. At the option of the designer, new calculations can read a database built of previous calculation results, thereby reducing input errors.
- DCALC is easy to use. All DCALC programs have a consistent appearance and graphical interface. With DCALC, you can get your team off the ground and running, producing results in an organized fashion.
- DCALC produces CAD drawings via DesignCAD, a powerful and inexpensive CAD package. DesignCAD drawings are compatible with other CAD packages, utilizing DWG and DXF formats. You will get a big head start with complex details, drawn to scale, automatically generated by your calculations.
- DCALC has flexible input. You can choose whether or not to use certain analysis results. You are not necessarily confined to using only DCALC results, but can provide input from other programs as well.
- DCALC does LRFD Bridge Design. Bridge design programs are able to design either way - Standard Spec Service Load, Load Factor Design or the new LRFD Design Method. You can easily compare results between the old Standard Specification methods and the new LRFD method.
- DCALC explores interesting topics. We try to cover interesting topics, like structural dynamics and seismic design, in a straight forward ways, intended for practicing engineers. Our online manual is a perpetual document that we continuously edit and expand.

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rating Amir
One of the reliable software for structural engineers. I have been using it for 3 years now.

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